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The Fatboy Chair is More Than Just a Name


The rickety chairs strewn throughout our houses are hardly desirable options for our bottoms when we want some serious relaxation. The couch is always a good choice, but even that gets old. When you’ve already created a dent in the corner spot that you jump into everyday, you know you sit there too often. As you sink down into the couch that’s molded to your body, sadly, you may think real comfort is unattainable. Well, the good news is, it’s not. This Web Site is your savior. The online site carries many comfortable furniture items, most notably, the designer Fatboy.

No, it’s not a chair for bigger people. It’s a name brand that has brought a new twist to family comfort. Known as the “beanbag” from the 21st Century, the Fatboy chair continues to put a stylistic spin on the modern lounge chair. The Fatboy line of lifestyle products comes in a range of hip shapes, sizes and colors. Fatboy signifies comfort for the entire family, including the pets!

Fatboy carries these big, comfy chairs in junior sizes for kids, doggie lounge sizes, Fatboy hammocks, and even Fatboy ottomans. These slouchy chairs are perfect for rest, watching TV, playing with your pet and more. The chair doesn’t take itself too seriously. Put it next to the dining room chairs that stick their noses straight up in the air and they will have nothing to talk about.

This chair is for relaxation and comfort first and foremost. It’s an added bonus that is has a sleek style and simple shine to it that matches well with other furniture. So make your bottom half happy. Let your bones chill out. Give your muscles a break. Lay in a chair that makes you forget everything else, and lets you focus on your leisure for as long as you desire.

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Record Movies and TV shows to your MP3 Player


Here a great gadget gift. They have an iPod video? They have a DVD player with (copyable) DVDs? transfer DVD videos (and those from other Analog sources) to an iPod or a PSP quickly and easily. All you need is PMR-100 iRecord Recording Device from Streaming Networks. iRecord is a Personal Media Recorder that records video and Audio Data onto USB mass Storage devices, including the Apple iPod and Sony PlayStation Portable. Hook up your iRecord to a DVD player, VCR, TV, or any other analog video source, press iRecord?s record button and your favorite show will record directly to your iPod or PSP. You can now playback the recorded contents on your favorite portable media player with no other steps involved. iRecord uses state of the art patent-pending Compression techniques to give you 3 hours of video/audio recording per Gigabyte of storage.

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Gift Idea: Turn Photos onto Art

canvas art

Here’s a great gift idea, turn your photos into art. You can either have your regular photos enlarged to a nice large canvas and give it as a gift or really get creative and do what I did.

I used a photo and manipulated in Photoshop to make some awesome artwork. I had uprinting print it on a nice large 24×36 canvas. Their quality was perfect when I received it.  I then wanted to see some more brushstorkes so I even painted a little on top of their canvas. The outcome was real original and they loved it.

Give it a try you won’t be disappointed.  Click here to upload your photos.