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Great gift for sports players

Cleatskins is an awesome new product. You simply slip Cleatskins over your cleats and you can where them anywhere like normal shoes. Save time & Gain Traction. Cleatskins will protect the cleats of your kids, brother, father, whoever the sports player is. Perfect for golf cleats, soccer cleats, baseball cleats, football cleats, rugby cleats, wrestling shoes and more.

When I tried on the cleatskin it was a nobrainer, it simply slides on to your cleats fast and easy. It also stayed on nice and secure when I walked into Chilis after a game. It’s a very useful product to give, it allows your loved one to leave their extra pair of sneakers at home. Also, it will protect their cleats so they last longer and it also protect floors as well.

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Gift For Teens: Personalized Book


A high school senior’s life changes forever when she meets a mysterious stranger with a dark secret. A personalized romance perfect for fans of Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries!

This timeless teen romance begins with a chance encounter in a darkened library, when a bright, book-loving high school student has her life saved by a captivating stranger with haunting eyes and a terrible secret: he’s doomed to a bloodthirsty immortality as a vampire.

This classic tale of forbidden romance is filled with suspense, tension, as well as a touch of humor. You can personalize four of our lead characters: the sexy, otherwordly, dangerous but sophisticated hero; the smart, compassionate, determined and brave heroine; the hero’s cynical yet supportive vampire best friend; and the loyal, fun-loving girl who’s our heroine’s best friend.

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