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Dog Collar for the Pet Lover

collar This 3/4″ wide dog collar tapers down to a 1/2″ buckle and features flashy 3/4″ stars and rows of flat spots. So good looking it should be canonized. Leather is the most natural material for a dog to wear. Not only is leather the most similar to a dog’s natural chemistry, but also, over time, oils from their skin mix with the leather to produce a collar of buttery texture. Well-treated leather will not irritate the skin nor break the hair shaft. Click here to learn more.

Gift For Dog Lover

dog podThe Dog Pod is a nice gift for someone who wants a very unique pet bed. This beautifully curved design is completely gorgeous, but their pet will probably be too busy appreciating the luxurious comfort of the pod to notice. Sure to become a favorite spot for any small dog or cat. You can order this product at this store.