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Towels designed to resemble real desserts

towels These dessert towels are elegant, and yet a functional gift or decor idea! In the case of wedding celebrations, brides are always looking for something unique that can make their wedding special. While the usual wedding decorations are typical, Le Viette towel desserts might just be that surprise element they are looking for. As table decorations, not only does the elegance of towel desserts make the difference in the design and feel of the reception, they also serve as gifts for guests to take home and use as functional towels, extending the warm, positive mood of the celebration with them.

High End Gift – DNA Portrait

dna portraitHere is a high end gift for the person who has everything. Select your color and size options for this unique, high-end digitalized art from DNA. Using a simple method of collection, as easy as wiping the inside of your mouth with a swab, the company harvests a sample of your DNA to capture the genetic fingerprint and transform it into an artistic representation of a person’s life code. A DNA Portrait is the ultimate conversation piece in any home, office or even gallery. You can get a DNA portait on this site.

Experience – the ultimate gift

experienceThere’s nothing like giving something the gift of experience, it is something they will always remember.

For an active person for can give them a gift certificate for Caving, Covert Ops & Special Forces training, Mountain Biking, Paintballing, ATV/Quad Bike Racing, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Rodeo, Shark Diving, Nascar Stock Car Racing, Skiing, and Whitewater Rafting. These eperiences are available on this site.

For an adventurous person for can give them a gift certificate for Aerobatic Flights, Flying Lessons, Hot Air Balloon Ride, Weightless Space Flights, Horseback Riding, Drag Racing, Sailing Lessons, Scuba Diving Experiences, Fly MIG Jets and 4×4 Off Road Rally Driving.

For a more laid back experience try giving them a gift certificate for Invigorating Body Wrap, Body Massage, Spa, Yoge, Vidal Sassoon Makeover, Chocolate Workshop, Cooking Lessons at Home, Golf, Sushi Lessons, Wine Tasting & Wine Schools.

You can buy these experiences on this site

Personalized Wine Art

wineThey did it!  Whether they’re celebrating a graduation, a promotion, an engagement, a new job, or any other hard-earned achievement, give them an unforgettable beautiful wine bottle!

Each Congratulations Etched Bottle is individually hand-engraved and painted by skilled artists making it a unique and beautiful work of art.  Choose from 2 festive designs – each available on a Red Wine, White Wine, or Sparkling Champagne bottle.

You�can�custom personalize each bottle with any message you choose below the design (up to 2 lines, 20 characters each line), creating a truly memorable and lasting keepsake for the celebratory man or woman.

Inside they’ll enjoy either aromatic, full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, or Sparkling Champagne, all vinted and bottled by the renowned Monterey Cristal Winery of Napa Valley, California. Standard size 750 ml bottle.

You can buy it on this web site

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