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Cool New Wallet

The Pitaka MagWallet is the world’s first modular magnetic wallet that keeps all your daily essentials secure and accessible with a quick flick. You can just slide a card out when you need to pay. Thw wallets are RFID-Blocking, pocket friendly and customizable.

The Pitaka MagWallet is a minimalist wallet made out of machined carbon fiber. The carbon fiber materials allows it to be not only extremely light and slim but also ridiculously strong and durable. The wallet is made up of layers. Each has a function, and each connects using magnets.

The modular design means you can actually make the MagWallet thinner than its default configuration by removing a layer. You can also add layers to hold items likes keys and cash.

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Give them a personalized email address

email gift

Here’s a very low cost gift idea, you can give them a personalized email address like . You will need 2 things for this: a new domain name and an email hosting account. The domain name will only cost a few bucks a year, so you can prepay for multiple years. Then the email hosting cost about $24 a year at a site like, so again, if you like you can pay multiple years.

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Men’s Wash Gift Kits

Mens Wash Gift Kits

Here’s a nice gift for the guy in your life. This invigorating Fire Body Bundle will keep skin clean, smelling great, and totally moisturized. The Fire Fragrance is a spicy, oriental blend of ginger extract that warms and comforts the body while Dragon’s Blood (Amazon Tree Sap) treats irritations and regenerates old, worn-out skin cells. Very dark, mysterious, and sexy, this scent lingers for 4-6 hours when the products are used together. The set includes 3 bottles, 1x body wash, 1x scrub & 1x lotion. Click here for more information