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RFID Security Wallet

RFID Wallet

RFID Wallets are important to block ALL radio frequency (RF) signal transmissions. RFID (RADIO FREQUENCY IDENTIFICATION) tags are now being placed on credit cards and forms of identification. Thieves with electronic card readers can steal your credit card information by just walking by you if you have a RFID chip in your credit card. This Slim-Sleek RFID Wallet prevents that by blocking the transmissions. It consists of a traditional flip open design. This wallet contains 3 card slots on the left, a RFID shielded ID window on the right, and a large center money pocket.

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Awesome Remote Contol

harmony remote

This universal remote  is the Harmony 900 , it lets you control your all your home entertainment devices—even when they’re hidden. I have one and the best part is that I use the software on my PC to customize the buttons on the remote. Like I made a button for each one of my inputs on my TV. My original remote never had these buttons I had to keep clicking input to flip through them. The remote is rechargeable remote has a nice full-color touch screen and backlit buttons to help you get around in the dark.

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Logitech has awesome customer support by the way. I had to call a few times.

Beer Posters with Vintage look

beer posters

Here’s a cool gift for the guys who loves his beer, vodka or any alcohol. These posters look awesome with their vintage war-time theme. Uncle Sam looks great with his beer in his hand. They’d look great in a game room or home bar, or a pool hall. Here are the links to the three different posters:

Vodka, it make you strong: really it does, look at those muscles.

Beer it’s good for you: uncle sam war-time poster with beer in hand.

Here’s to alcohol, the cause of—and solution to—all life’s problems: Homer Simpson quote