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Romantic Gift – A Thousand And One Nights

romantic giftA Thousand And One Nights Romance CollectionThe creation of this passion-inducing romance collection was inspired by the legendary tale of seduction “A Thousand And One Nights”. Each and every element of this romantic gift collection has been designed to help create an intimate experience where love and passion can flourish. Every fragrance and flavor has been carefully selected and crafted to elicit maximal pleasure for you and your lover. The elements of romance are all present in this gift tin. Now it is up to your and your lover to conjure up a thousand and one nights of passion.

The Kit Contains:

* Clove Fragrance Love Massage Oil, 2 oz.
* Passion Fruit and Ginger Flavor Warming Massage Oil, 2 oz.
* Cherry Almond Flavor Body Gelle’, 2 oz.
* Exotic Strawberry Flavor Soft Body Dust, 4 oz
* An Exotic Feather Tickler
* A Romantic Candle
* Wooden Body Massager
* Patchouli Scented Incense Cone (5 cones)
* An Ancient Lovers Scroll

This collection of romantic items is tastefully packaged in a metal gift tin. It makes a terrific gift for someone you are passionate about.

You can buy this online at this site.

Custom Martini Bar T-Shirt

bar shirtFriends like to feel special. Having a well-stocked bar in the basement isn’t enough. They need a personalized sign proclaiming it “Jeff’s Lounge.” A snazzy set of glasses won’t cut it. The Thompsons need their name front and center, printed on each and every pint. We’ve got a Mike’s Martini Bar Shirt, but what about the Daves of this world? What becomes of Maynard and Schlomo? The answer: New Custom Martini Bar Men’s T-shirt. Insert any name you like (up to 15 characters) in to our snazzy Martini Bar design, printed on the back of a white 100% cotton t-shirt, and you’re officially Head Bartender.

You can buy this cool shirt here

Personalized Jigsaw Puzzles from your own photos

jigsaw puzzles

Personalized jigsaw puzzles made from your own photos are a great gift for family members. Creating your own personalized Jigsaw Picture Puzzle is easy, just specify the Jigsaw Puzzle size and number of pieces you want. Then, upload your own Photo… or select an image from their Photo Gallery. What better way to celebrate a special birthday that with a unique gift which brings together the happy moments in life.