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Gift for the Entertainer: Bartender’s Frozen Margarita Maker.

Bartender Margarita

Here is a fun gift for someone who likes to entertain guests. The Bartender’s Frozen Margarita Maker. This is the frozen margarita machine that makes professional margaritas, and unlike lesser frozen drink makers that simply chop ice into hard granules, this one shaves ice cubes into delicate slivers. It automatically combines the optimal amount of shaved ice with liquor or fruit juice to make up to three 12-oz. margaritas, daiquiris, or smoothies in one cycle, ensuring more palatable frozen drinks than those made with a typical blender. The device begins to shave ice into the pitcher at the touch of a button, and automatically blends the shavings with the contents of the pitcher, resulting in frozen libations of restaurant consistency. The ice receptacle channels water from melted ice into an integrated reservoir, ensuring the next round o f drinks will not be watered-down, and a manual switch allows you to control the consistency of the ice shavings and blend duration. The durable plastic housing ensures years of reliable use and the ergonomically designed glass pitcher is sturdy, yet light enough to allow confident pours. 18″ H x 9″ W x 15″ D. (21 lbs.)

You can purchase it at this store.

Cool decorative media cabinet

call blog
Here’s a very cool gift for someone’s house/apartment. More than 70 years ago, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott designed the first British call boxes with bright red paint to make them easy to find in an emergency. Now that same bright red color makes it easy to find your favorite CDs, DVDs and VHS cassettes. Clear acrylic windows display your collection while protecting it from dust. Holds 290 CDs or 136 DVDs or 72 VHS cassettes. Made of sturdy medium-density fiberboard. 5 shelves. 141/2″ square x 421/4″ h. Assembles quickly and easily.

You can buy it on this web site.