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Wood Watch

wood watch

These eco watches are a great gift. They come in color combos ranging from black and blonde solids to multi-wood center stripe detailing in unique woods that range from maple to Guaiaco, resulting in both green and trendy watches. Made of 100% natural wood, these high-tech timber timepieces fill the forest, as the company plants one tree for each watch sold.

High Tec Watch


Nooka watches are made in white, black, or very cool looking bright colors. The watch feature an awesome cool rubber band. The Zen-H display where the top row shows hours 1-6, second row hours 7-12, third row minutes 0-59, fourth row seconds 0-59. Features chronograph and alarm.

The clear zub utilizes the already popular zenh face style in black, accompanied by a band made entirely of translucent polyurethane rubber.

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